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WifeFI Status Activated⚡

WifeFI Status Activated⚡

Good morning!

So here’s something interesting – I haven’t made any real money for the past 6 months! And even wilder – I haven’t even noticed it much lately??! It’s the first time since I started working that I don’t have a “salary”, thereby officially entering me into the status of WifeFI:

“Financially Independent, enabled by my wife who still works 😂

I do make some money consulting each month, as well as some extra change typing away my thoughts here (and that’s literally all it is these days, as it turns out when you nix most of your ads you don’t get paid! lol), but by and large my income is inconsequential compared to my wife’s which is currently paying all the bills right now.

It’s an interesting place to be. I’m not very motivated to chase money for some reason, but I’m also not satisfied just laying around and doing nothing either… Hence – why I’m back here at the blog! But even more surprisingly – I haven’t really Missing Since the Motley Fool gave the boot earlier this years, my paychecks have been $10,000+/month.

How a guy can go from obsessing over money to not even noticing he hasn’t got paid in a while is beyond me…  Though to be honest it actually makes me feel kinda proud of myself!…

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