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Why is Motivation Important?

Why is Motivation Important?

Have you ever wondered how the greats of the world are different from everyone else? The fire of motivation within is often the secret sauce.

As humans, we’re somewhat quirky in how we perceive time. We’re often sidetracked by the insignificant, overlooking what genuinely matters. Instead of following our heart’s desires, we find ourselves chasing shadows and living up to others’ expectations.

It’s no surprise then that, as noted by Bronnie Ware in her impactful book Top Five regrets of the Dying, one of the most profound regrets people voice on their deathbed is: “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”

Now, here’s where we get it wrong: thinking there’s always another tomorrow, believing we’re masters of every twist and turn.

Take, for instance, putting off that dream vacation, waiting for the ‘right’ time to pursue a passion, or shelving ambitions thinking there’s always more time. What is the harsh reality? Time’s sands are ever slipping and not everything is within our grasp.

We must first accept our finite nature in order to fully appreciate the essence and beauty of life. Once we accept that our hours and vigor are numbered, we gain a unique perspective—a filter, if you will—that helps us prioritize the truly important.

The most successful of us understand this concept to the core. They’re clued in on their limited bandwidth and, as a result, they direct their energy only toward pursuits that resonate with their innermost desires. The razor-sharpness of their clarity, and their never-ending motivation, is what propels them towards the pinnacles to which they aspire.

Motivation: The Power of Motivating Others

Here’s a story that’ll make you rethink the power of motivation.

It’s a story about an everyday guy with big dreams and an iron will to make them real….

He left his small Japanese village at the age of 15 with a clear vision in his head. With only his dreams, and no fancy degrees, he decided to join Toyota, an engineering giant.

He was inspired by his love of engineering to create a revolutionary piston rings. His greatest desire was to see his invention in action on the Toyota production line. In his workshop, nights became days. He even sold his wife’s jewels to fund his dream.

Toyota, however, found that his design was lacking.

Yet here’s the thing about this man: he didn’t give up. He enrolled in a tech school, spent two years refining his design, and emerged with a piston ring Toyota couldn’t refuse.

After a successful contract was signed, the wartime shortage of raw materials meant that no factory could be built. He didn’t linger, but instead invented a way to make concrete and started building.

But then, bombs targeted his factory – not once but twice. Instead of cursing his luck, he used discarded gasoline cans to rebuild, fondly referring to them as “gifts from President Truman.”

Yet, fate wasn’t done testing him. His factory was destroyed by an earthquake. He was on the verge of giving up when he sold Toyota his production techniques, believing his dream had ended.

A sudden energy crisis struck. In memory of his native land, he added a motor on his bicycle and created a sensation. He wrote 18000 heartfelt letters, asking for collaboration from bicycle shops. The effort paid off. Together, he and 3,000 others saw potential in his scooter business.

Who was the person behind this unrelenting spirit? Soichiro Honda.

What about that nascent dream? Today, it’s Honda, the reigning monarch of the motorcycle world. The company boasts over 197,000 employees in the world and an impressive revenue of more than $127.70 Billion annually.

All of these milestones were achieved by a man who faced astronomical obstacles.

Do you now see the power motivation?

Motivation as a catalyst for change.

Why is motivation so important? Simply put, it’s the nudge we often need.

Motivation is the fuel that drives behavior changes, ignites creativity, inspires goal setting, nurtures passions, charts a course, sharpens our skills, and enhances engagement.

Imagine its role – be it in a workspace pushing employees to greater heights, in sports guiding athletes to the finish line, in homes nurturing children’s growth, in counseling sessions aiding healing, or in classrooms igniting the flame of learning.

Take a look around. Motivation’s handprints are all over our lives. We live in a world that doesn’t sit still. Everyday is filled with new challenges and shifts.

Here’s where motivation sneaks in, helping us tweak our sails, responding to the ever-changing winds. It’s this very drive that helps us adapt, function efficiently, and ensure we’re not just surviving, but truly thriving amidst the ebb and flow of life’s myriad challenges.

Motivation is like the engine in your car. It’s what drives us forward, nudging us to overcome hurdles, chase dreams, and paint a brighter, fuller life picture.

This isn’t just pep talk – it’s backed by hard science. Numerous studies have shown that intrinsic motivation is powerful, and has a clear link to persistent effort.[1] Increased performance and improved psychological well-being.

So, if you’ve ever pondered on what makes the wheels turn and the lights shine brighter in one’s life journey, it’s that spark of motivation, every single time.

Motivation: A tangible touch to ambition

What are the effects of motivation on our everyday lives? Let’s unpack the tangible benefits that come with being motivated. Here’s what happens when we let motivation take the wheel:

1. Productivity can be boosted

Think of a dedicated employee. Instead of merely doing his job, he’s actively invested because he sees a clear purpose behind every task.

Motivated individuals take every action with intention. This commitment allows you to focus on the task at hand and minimize distractions.

2. Achieving goals

Remember those New Year’s Resolutions. Why do some fail while others succeed?

Motivation is the key. Motivation is the force within us that helps us to remain resilient and committed in the face challenges.

3. Upping the Game

Think about a top-tier sportsperson. Such individuals don’t merely rely on talent. They use their drive to work extra hours, improve their skills and push themselves beyond their limits.

Motivation and determination drive their desire to improve. This often results in exceptional performance, especially when it counts.

“Never let your head hang down. Never sit and cry. Find another way.” – Satchel Paige, American professional baseball pitcher

4. Stay Positive

All of us know someone who is able to remain optimistic despite the challenges they face. They find ways to see the positives in a difficult situation and view challenges as an opportunity for growth.

Their secret? It’s not just inherent optimism; it’s a deep reservoir of motivation. This motivation acts as a buffer against life’s setbacks, providing the energy to find silver linings and new possibilities in every circumstance.

It’s their motivational mindset that allows them to reframe adversity, viewing obstacles not as setbacks but as stepping stones towards new beginnings.

5. Breaking the Mold

Innovation is often the result of a burning desire for a solution. This desire to explore uncharted terrain is what drives us to go beyond the norm and challenge the status-quo, leading to innovative solutions.

Think about Elon Musk, whose profound motivation wasn’t just to innovate but to reshape humanity’s future. Whether it’s through electric vehicles with Tesla or aiming for Mars colonization with SpaceX, Musk’s endeavors aren’t solely business ventures. The motivation behind Musk’s endeavors is to solve planetary problems and advance humanity.

It’s this motivation that pushes him to defy norms and pave the way for groundbreaking solutions.

6. Prioritizing Health

Those who consistently choose the gym over the couch or a salad over a burger are often motivated by a bigger picture – be it longevity, fitness goals, or overall wellness.

Motivation drives them to make healthy choices, even in the face of temptation.

7. Gaining Confidence

Each challenge, each fear, and every achievement we make builds our confidence.

These successes reinforce our self-worth, and remind us that we are capable of tackling even greater challenges.

8. Building Bonds

Positive energy is essential to a healthy relationship. Motivated people, with their enthusiasm for life and their go-getter attitude often inject infectious energy into their interactions. It is not just their enthusiasm that makes them popular, but it fosters mutual respect and collaboration.

9. The Never-ending Growth

A lifelong learner is often driven by an insatiable desire. Motivation encourages them to be curious and learn new things, improve their skills, and get out of their comfort zone.

They are constantly striving to improve themselves so that they can adapt and remain relevant in a world rapidly changing.[2]

10. Bouncing Back

Resilience isn’t just about getting back up; it’s about maintaining focus and drive after a setback.

Motivational individuals learn from their mistakes, and use them as a springboard to achieve their goals.

11. Feeling Complete

Ticking off a personal goal isn’t just about the achievement itself. It’s about the journey, the growth, and the fulfillment that ensues.

Motivation is what keeps us focused on our goals, and when they are achieved, we experience a great sense of accomplishment, which enriches the quality of our lives.

Final Thoughts

There’s no magic pill, no shortcut, and no secret formula. Motivation is the key to any significant change, achievement or innovation.

It’s the quiet yet powerful force that drives us to challenge, create, and conquer. It’s the difference between the status quo and the extraordinary.

So, the next time you find yourself at a crossroads or facing an uphill battle, remember that it’s not just about the resources, skills, or opportunities at hand, but the fire within.

Harness your motivation, and there’s no limit to what you can achieve. Embrace it, and you won’t just live – you’ll truly thrive.


You don’t have the time to read the whole article? This is what you need to know.

Boosts Productivity Motivated individuals are more efficient at completing tasks.

Facilitates goal Achievement Motivation is the ability to overcome obstacles in order to achieve desired goals.

Increased PerformanceMotivated individuals spend time on improving their skills. This leads to improved outcomes.

Promoting a positive outlookMotivated individuals tend to have a more positive outlook, which helps reduce stress.

Stimulates creativity: Motivation is a powerful tool for encouraging innovative thinking and problem solving.

Healthy Habits EncouragedIndividuals who are driven prioritize their personal well-being and adopt healthier lifestyles.

Building Self-ConfidenceMotivation is a powerful tool for enhancing self-esteem and confidence.

Relationships are strengthened: A motivated person’s enthusiasm and positivity often result in improved interpersonal connections.– Inspires Continuous LearningIndividuals who are motivated consistently look for opportunities to learn and grow.

Cultivates ResilienceMotivation helps individuals bounce back after setbacks by focusing on their long-term ambitions.

Delivers Personal FulfillmentAttaining goals that motivate you brings profound satisfaction, and increases your life’s contentment.


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