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What About Matt’s Game Room?

What About Matt’s Game Room?

I don’t know why, but I’ve been getting lots of questions about Matt’s game room lately. Why doesn’t Matt have a game room anymore? He is always wondering where he plays his video games. Matt loves video games. He’s been a gamer since long before I met him, and he has accumulated all kinds of gaming systems, from the earliest gaming systems to the most recent. There are 24 systems he has stored away and two more that are always ready and waiting to be used. Three bedrooms were available when we first purchased the house. We decided that one bedroom would be our master bedroom (obviously), and one would become my office. The other would be his room. That looked something like this… But my goodness, how things have changed over the years! Since then, the garage was turned into my (still unfinished) studio… The bedroom marked “Kristi’s office” has been turned into the guest bedroom, which we’re currently using as our main bedroom… The original master bedroom has been completely transformed into a (still unfinished) master bathroom… (That’s an older picture. I just realized I don’t have any recent pictures of the tub/mural/water closet area now that […]

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