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Why Queer Love is Revolutionary

Why Queer Love is Revolutionary

The queer singer VINCINT says that feeling seen and heard is powerful.

VINCINT makes waves at 2018 singing competition Four With a moving performance by Radiohead’s Creep. He told Sonia Baghdady recently of Advocate Now Why did he feel he had to select that song?

VINCINT Talks Attacks on the Queer Community & The Four

I sang “Creep” on that show, because I felt like an outsider. He says, “There was no one else in the competition like me.” There was no other gay person on TV who had dark skin, loved to sing, or was an artist. “It was for me a time where I got to really shine and show the world who we are and our message is good enough.”

The artist has just released “Romance,” a song that he describes as “about realizing that someone you care deeply about is being mistreated and knowing that you can give them a more loving life if you are given the chance.”

VINCINT uses his music to show his queer Black perspective. As anti-LGBTQ+ laws have swept through the nation, the singer is outspoken to defend the queer community.

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