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Valentine Exchange 2024

Valentine Exchange 2024

In the mad rush of the holidays, I was looking ahead to Valentine’s Day, as one does. I was thinking about something we could do as a community to share in the love and showcase our mad making skills and thought about a Valentine exchange–it would be perfect!

About ten or so years ago, we moved to Utah for the first time.I was invited by a friend to attend a Valentine exchange. I made these leather pouches for Valentine’s Day and met my new closest friends. I was so excited to see what everyone had made.

I thought it might be nice to do in with our dear Lars community because if anyone can make a mean Valentine, it’s you! But even if you aren’t a “maker”, you’re still invited to participate.

Victorian Puzzle Purse

We are excited to announce this year’s Second Annual Lars Valentine Exchange. Last year, we had hundreds join together to make a Valentine. We had too much fun and so we repeated it. It was announced on Instagram Thursday (does your account follow us there?) Today is the last date to sign up for our form here.

You can print this lovely Victorian puzzle pouch to use as a…

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