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The Tonight Show’s Famous Emu from TikTok Gets His Big Break


The world’s favorite emu is getting his shining moment on late-night TV!

Emmanuel, the TikTok-famous emu who won over social media with his hilariously stubborn yet charismatic personality, recently joined Jimmy Fallon for a special cameo on “The Tonight Show.”

At least, it was a puppeted emu.

In the sketch, Fallon is seen instructing the “emu” not to peck at the camera, reciting Taylor Blake’s, Emmanuel’s caretaker, now iconic line “Emmanuel, don’t do it.” Struggling, Fallon finally gets some help from the South Florida farmer, herself.

The two try their best to keep the emu from knocking over the camera, something viewers have seen “many a time” on Knuckle Bump Farms’ TikTok.

“”Jimmy Don’t Do It” -@hiitaylorblake #FallonTonight”

Blake started creating content for Knuckle Bump in January, but it wasn’t until Emmanuel took the screen that the TikTok page blew up. Now, Knuckle Bump Farms is seemingly an Emmanuel stan page (and we’re more than okay with it).

This dynamic duo is featured in several videos that highlight their best friend bond. They hold hands ,…

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