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The Year of the Flow🤙

The Year of the Flow🤙

You beautiful money-lovers, get up and go!

I’ve missed you! Y’all off to a great start this year? Lots of goals and excitement and energy crackin’ on?!

I gotta admit, I was having so much fun the past handful of weeks I almost didn’t come back, haha… But it’s not you, it’s me 😉 I *finally* cracked the code on how to SLOW DOWN TIME once and for all: just don’t work! Lol…

Also: puzzles.

Popped one open over the holidays and haven’t stopped:

pokemon puzzle

(Pokémon FTW)

washington dc puzzle

(Missing puzzle pieces – the devil incarnate!)

paw patrol puzzle

(The most difficult of the bunch;)

superman puzzle

(Current one I’m working on… My first 1,000 piece’r!)

As you can see, there are only the most important things happening here.

I also updated our Net Worth and paid some bills and moved some investments around during my break, but honestly finances were the last thing on my mind this holiday season…. It seems like I think less about it over the years, and finally have a good balance with my obsessions. If you believe me, I went several weeks without even checking my social media. 😱😱

I’m also realizing that as much as I love this blog and our community here, it too has become less of an obsession over the years… Mainly because I don’t think about money as much now that…

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