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The New Queen of Grocery Shops👑

The New Queen of Grocery Shops👑

Good morning to all my financial friends!!

I’ve been missing you… And onto many a new adventure over here in my absence!

First of all, I finally picked up my metal detector again! And it’s been hella fun digging up old artifacts again while cleaning up areas of trash and beer cans, lol… Not sure it’s been a totally good exchange of time, but all that will change the day I dig up a hoard of gold coins!! *evil laugh*

I’ve also turned into an adult and scheduled a million doctor visits to finally deal with things that have crept up for me in old age… Things I typically put off forever because, well, I’m a guy, but now that I don’t have a real job anymore I no longer have the biggest excuse of “no time” 😉

So far this week I’ve seen an orthopedic specialist for my long-aching lower back (turns out I have degenerative disc disease – eek!), next week I meet with a gastroenterologist to talk about the possibility of doing an early colonoscopy to see if anything’s concerning, and then lastly it looks like my Pemphigus Vulgaris may be coming back in my nose so unfort. need to meet with my dermatologist again to see if another round of infusions is in order there, ugh…

The good news is that my stress level has almost disappeared and I…

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