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The Investment Club

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Today, share your best idea with us.

It’s from Ugo Chiulli who entered our t-shirt giveaway the other week saying he wanted the “Index and Chill” shirt to rock at his Investment club And as soon as I heard these two words, I begged him to write something for me!

He did! Thank you, brother!

Here’s what he sent me below… Such a fantastic idea – we need one of our own!!


J. Money,

I’m writing to follow up telling you about how a group of guys that wanted to buy some property as an investment ended up starting an investment group.

A friend of mine (who’s name is actually J – yes, just the letter J) is part of a group of guys that went on “annual guys trips.” During these trips they discussed buying property as an investment. They soon discovered that they’d need more money than the “spare money” they had laying around to be able to actually buy property.

They kept their focus and started an investment club, where they would continue to pool their money together each month and invest. They use online platform Bivio to track it all, and got a lot of help from the book, “The Millionaires’ Club: How to Start and Run Your Own Investment Club and…

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