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The 100/Day Challenge to Push-up💪

The 100/Day Challenge to Push-up💪

Good morning!

So after rejoicing in all my kids’ challenge accomplishments last week, I was feeling a bit left out and wished someone had granted ME a challenge I could try too 😉 And particularly, one around exercising more as I’m now 20 pounds overweight from all the meds I’m on!

And then out of nowhere, BOOM – a challenge fairy swooped by and dropped off a doozy in front of me:

The #PushupChallenge – 100 Days

100 push-ups every day, for an entire month – eek!

At first I hummed and hawed as it seemed like A LOT, but then I did what you always do when you secretly want to do something but are too scared to commit – I tweeted it out loud I was able to get dozens of accountability partners, and it was all over!

So as of November 1st, the push-up challenge has officially been activated and so far it’s been going brilliantly… I’ve knocked out all 100 of them each day so far (amazing what you can do when you actually try hard enough!), I’m motivated, I feel like I’ve got way more energy, my confidence is up, and I’m actually having some fun! Exercising – hah!

But best of all – my family started seeing what I was doing and now they’re in on the action too 🙂

What started as a personal challenge has evolved into a…

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