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Take these books off of my shelf

Take these books off of my shelf

What’s up everyone!

Haven’t done a good giveaway in a while so let’s change that today…

Got a stack of books just waiting to find a new home, so if you’re feeling lucky be sure to enter and I’ll drop them in parcel post!

(Speaking of parcels, we played “pass the parcel” this weekend at a kid’s birthday party and my son won the prize at the end, haha… had never heard of it before but apparently if you watch Bluey (and I seem to be the only one who doesn’t these days?!) it’s a popular game from there… (Lucky’s Dad’s Rules, of course))

Alright here’s what we’ve got today – if you want any of them just drop a note in the comments and you’ll be entered to win!

May the Book Gods bless you!!


Gonzo Capitalism:
How to make money in an economy that hates you

Just got this book in the mail from blogger/hustler/entrepreneur extraordinaire, Chris Guillebeau, and if it’s any indication of his past best-sellers this should be a good one too. You may remember Chris from his Art of Non-Conformity Blog or The $100 Startup, a popular book.

Here’s a clip about it from his website:

“A fascinating tour of this brave new world where novelty and creativity are currency, and the creators are in control….

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