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Studio Progress: (I Kind Of) Have Cabinets

Studio Progress: (I Kind Of) Have Cabinets

I won’t even share with you how much time I spent yesterday in my studio just standing and staring and pondering the floor design decision. It’s embarrassing. After spending too much time trying make a choice, I decided it might be easier to understand if I saw some cabinets. The rest of the day and evening was spent assembling the base cabinets on the front wall. It is obvious that the wall has a long way to go, but seeing even a small amount of progress gets me so excited! The studio has been half-finished for many years and I have considered many options for the cabinets in this space. I looked at everything from IKEA cabinets to RTA, to completely DIY. I also considered every combination and option you can imagine. I was hesitant to use IKEA cabinets for a number of reasons. I had envisioned a wall with lower and upper cabinets as well as a desk-top work area that covered the entire wall. The standard height of desktops is thirty inches. IKEA Sektion cabinets come in a variety of sizes. […]

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