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Spooky Halloween decor ideas

Spooky Halloween decor ideas

I’m just barely hanging on as we prepare for back to school, but I have to admit that I’ve already got Halloween brewing in my mind (PUN INTENDED). My ideas are always too ambitious for the amount of time so I like the share ideas with you a bit early in case you’re in the same boat. Halloween is a time for tricks and treats, costumes, and candy. It’s also a great opportunity to turn your home into an eerie haunted house with spine-chilling decor. Whether you’re hosting a ghoulish gathering or simply want to spookify your space, we’re rounded up 10 eerie and imaginative Halloween decor ideas to bewitch your guests and send shivers down their spines.

1. Haunted Houses made of cardboard

This Haunted House is made of cardboard and it’s more difficult to make, but the result is well worth the effort. You can even save it for next year. It’s very similar to the Gingerbread House we made a few years ago. It’s perfect for your mantle or your dining room table. Plus, it’s made out of cardboard so you probably already have everything you need to get going! The pattern is also available to you!

2. Halloween Garland

Make this fun and easy! If you remember our Friendsgiving or Valentine’s Day garlands, these

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