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Side Hustle #85: Plant Propagation 🌱

Side Hustle #85: Plant Propagation 🌱

[Good morning!! And welcome to another installment of our Side Hustle Series! Where our guest, Jim, over at Investment Soup digs in and shares a passion gig of his… Perfect for all those who love nature and gardening! I guess money really *can* grow on trees – heyo!)


The biggest challenge with starting a side hustle today, is navigating the sea of opportunities.

Anyone can come up with a better “mouse-trap” and improve on something, then successfully and inexpensively bring it to market.  Today’s market is global, buyers are savvy, and up until the recent stock market crash, buyers were flush with cash. The internet has been a ‘game changer’ when it comes to product marketing, product acquisition, and education.

Due to the sheer scale of people you’re able to reach, the ability to find someone who will buy your product or use your service is nothing short of astounding.  Truly, the only thing standing in the way of your success when starting a side hustle is that person smirking at you as you stand in front of the mirror.

Now, there are side hustles which require a longer learning curve such as building and growing a website, or starting a drop-shipping business.  And, there are others which call…

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