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This note reminded me how adding some color can really make a big difference.

Hi Jay

I wanted to thank you for your free template which I found on YouTube.

I think this will get me to value money a lot more and I really like how you used “sexy income” because I think it’s a great mindset shift to make when valuing money and finance.

Thank you again. I’m really looking forward to using this everyday! I’m thinking I may add a daily log to my expenses, and even make notes about why I chose to incur that expense.

Take care.


Love it

And as you can see from the snapshot up top the spreadsheet is nothing fancy, but boy – look at all that color!! Both literally and figuratively. Lol..

I remember seeing one similar 15 years before I started this blog. Wow, it was a game changer for me. Again, not because it was set up differently or better or anything, but just because it was so bold and happy and *inspiring* looking! It taught me you don’t always have to stick with the tried and true (and boring!) This stuff is fun. It’s fine and it’ll work, but you’ll have a MUCH better chance sticking with it if you have some fun along the way 🙂


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