Home Entertainment Robin Roberts is back on Good Morning America

Robin Roberts is back on Good Morning America

Robin Roberts is back on Good Morning America

Robin Roberts has returned to anchoring Good Morning America. This also marks the completion of her partner’s, Amber Laign, chemotherapy for breast cancer.

On Sunday, she posted the announcement to Instagram. In a post of a picture of her dog, she captioned it, “It’s time to leave our happy place.”

Roberts continued, “Sweet Amber & I are thankful for the time we had to reflect, recharge and rejoice!”

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After Laign’s diagnosis, the out GMA anchor decided to step down from hosting duties in February. Roberts is also a survivor. After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007, Roberts was able to overcome the disease and received a bone-marrow transplant from her sister in 2012.

Roberts spoke out during Roberts’s last show, before she was forced to leave temporarily to support her partner.

“She [Amber] My husband and I have been married for nearly 17 years. We have shared our many challenges, such as my cancer journey. It is now my turn to support her in the same way she supported me.

Laign fought hard on her journey; in April, her treatment was suspended due to “complications with chemotherapy.” But on July 18th, Roberts posted a video on Instagram of Amber ringing the ceremonial…

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