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Quick Italian White Bean Soup

Quick Italian White Bean Soup

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Italian white beans soup made with golden chicken broth, packed with kidney bean, Acini de Pepe cherry tomatoes and fresh herbs.

A hot bowl of soup is the perfect way to welcome fall and winter.

I’m a soup lover and sometimes want to make a quick soup pot without fuss.

I will show you just how easy it is to do this white bean soup This is a recipe that I would like you to try.

Quick Italian White Bean Soup

Pasta variations for white bean soup

Below are some of our favorites pasta brands for white bean soup.

You will find the Acini di Pepe at any Canadian grocery store for much less than what you’ll find on Amazon Canada.

Molisana is available on Amazon. If you would prefer to use broken pasta, then you can do so.

  • La Molisana Capellini Spezzati
  • De Cecco Pasta Acini Di Pepe Pasta
  • La Molisana Semi Di Melone 
  • Primo Acini di Pepe Pasta
Primo Acini Di Pepe soup pasta
Primo Acini Di Pepe soup pasta

If I had to choose from the list, I’d start with Acini Di Pepe, Capellini, and Semi Di Melone.

Use any pasta that you like as long as it’s small to make this white bean soup.

It is important to choose a pasta that can be cooked in a short time.

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