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Is it good or bad to procrastinate?

Is it good or bad to procrastinate?

Ever heard of the phrase “productive procrastination?” At first glance, it seems like a sweet deal, right?

Doing something productive while also putting off what you’re supposed to be doing? Can it be done?

Let’s dive into this curious phenomenon and see if it’s as golden as it sounds.

What is Productive Procrastination (Proactive Procrastination)?

It’s a strange paradox that combines action with avoidance. You’re ticking off tasks, your mind is engaged, your hands are busy, but something’s amiss. You’re humming with activity, yet the most crucial task, the one that could really shift the dial, remains untouched. You’re running in place, not moving forward.

Consider a remote worker. There’s a critical project looming ahead, something that requires deep thought, a dash of creativity, and a lot of focus. Instead of starting the project, the worker decides that it’s better to clean up the inbox. The worker sorts, labels, and deletes thousands of old emails.

There’s a certain satisfaction in this, a sense of orderliness. Hours pass and your inbox is tidy. What about that important project you’ve been working on? The important project is still untouched.

Now, let’s peek into a more domestic setting. It’s a weekend, and there are a…

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