Home DIY Our Swedish Ladder (a.k.a. Stall Bars), Is Now Installed

Our Swedish Ladder (a.k.a. Stall Bars), Is Now Installed


Yesterday, I finally tackled the thing that I’ve been dreading — installing the Swedish ladder. This apparatus is also known as stall bar, and can be used to perform hundreds of different types of stretches. If you’ve never heard of it before, hop over to YouTube and search “stall bar exercises,” and you can get an idea of how it’s used. This video shows you 75 exercises, but that’s just the beginning. I originally had planned to make my own Swedish ladder, but I felt a little insecure about it. These items must be able hold full body weight. So I decided to purchase one with a steel frame and 1.5-inch bars. The Beam Store was the one that I chose to buy. It came out of the box and I assembled it without tightening any bolts or screwing them into place. I ended up sanding and staining the bars so that the whole thing would go with my “walnut and black” plan for the accents […]

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