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The new electric fireplace

The new electric fireplace

As soon as it got crisp this year, I immediately I thought back to last year’s gas bill. Sigh! Our house has two fireplaces–one for the main floor and basement and one of the upstairs. The one upstairs we’ve fixed a few times and it keeps on breaking. We looked at fireplaces in order to avoid the inevitable purchase of a new heater. Although the idea of having a traditional hearth with wood burning was romantic, we chose an electric fireplace because of its convenience and eco-friendliness. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the journey of how we chose our new electric fireplace, highlighting the key factors that influenced our decision.

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  1. Aesthetic Appeal

Our desire to upgrade our living area was primarily motivated by the desire to improve the aesthetic appeal. We wanted a fire place that would be a focal point in our home, adding warmth and character. Our house does have a chimney on the outside, which is its main focus, but there’s no chimney on the inside. When we first saw the original plans, it was intended to be…

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