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Operation Give back IRL: The Results

Operation Give back IRL: The Results

Good morning!

After I last left you, my epiphany was that I should give back more time. However, instead of giving it online as I usually do, I decided to put it to the test in Real Life so I could make better use of my mornings. You know, now that I don’t have a job 😉

But the question was – would it work out in the same way? It was as simple as walking up to people and asking them if they would mind if I could help for an hour. Or would they see me as a total stranger and refuse to let me back in the coffee shop?

It was a great experiment that I found out a lot. Below are the results… (I still can’t believe I actually went through with this, haha…)

Attempt 1: The Community Nonprofit

As I left the coffee shop that morning, completely nervous to the bone, I crossed the street and serendipitously found a nonprofit that’s literally set up to give back to the community – perfect!!

They were closed for the day (womp womp), but I saw people milling about inside so I knocked anyways until one of them opened the door to see what this “character” wanted (or should I say, they “cracked” the door as they were definitely dubious of me!). I then made my first attempt at my spiel.

“Hi! Uhh…… Do you need help with anything? Like, umm… I…

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