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No, don’t go for the poop

No, don’t go for the poop

The kids complained that they were short of money recently, so I made an offer I would not have thought of otherwise. Scooped If I was a child, I would do it in a second 😉

For every (clump) of dog poop you pick up from our yard, I will give you 50¢!

BOOM! One less task for me, and more cash for them – which should literally only take like 15 seconds. Where can you get an hourly rate as high as that when you’re a child? You’d think this would have motivated them, but no. My genius idea, which I thought was brilliant for two weeks, turned out not to be that clever at all. 🙃

So I did what any good problem solver would do – I upped it to $1.00 a clump (DOUBLE the reward!!!). But sadly that didn’t fair much better either, clocking in with a total of just *1* scoop out of about 130 opportunities given… And that was only after me Hinting There was a gold prize just next to where they were standing!

So back to the beginning we were, with me in the fields again scooping away, and them very much still in want of money… Though if you ask me, if you can’t even bend over for a few seconds to earn some quick cash, do you actually really want it You can also find out more about us here. bad? 😉

(As an aside, I’m writing all this on my phone right now in the middle of the…

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