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The Scene: New Books📚

The Scene: New Books📚

Good morning!

A bunch of new money books have come out in our community recently, and I wanted to pass them along in case you find yourself in any of these particular situations…

They are all very unique! Which is great – you need to dig in deep sometimes and focus instead of being hit with “generalities” all the time. And these books cover everything from death to consumerism to the service industry to financial feminism and even stripping 😉 Never know what you’re gonna get these days from us!

Here they are below – I hope they help.


The Life-Changing Guide to Financial Freedom: A Guide for Waitresses and Bartenders.

tipped book barbara sloan

This one is by an up-and-coming spacer. Barbara Sloan, who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in real life this year and thoroughly enjoyed hanging with her. She blogs/coaches over at TippedFinance.com, and here’s more about the book per her website and Amazon:


After hundreds of hours spent listening, reading and deep diving into personal finance, I kept seeing the same advice for corporate 9-5ers repeated over and over again. Readers and listeners would send in their comments, and guests would arrive.

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