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Morning Manifesting: How this 10-Minute Walking Can Help You Achieve your Goals

Morning Manifesting: How this 10-Minute Walking Can Help You Achieve your Goals

Manifesting can be an effective tool to help us achieve our goals. It works on both the conscious and subconscious levels.

Our subconscious mind can be programmed to work towards a desired outcome by focusing on the outcomes we want.

What better way to concentrate on your mindset than to go on a morning manifestation walk to set up our day for good things?

5 reasons to begin focusing on building a daily manifestation practice

Gain clarity

It starts by clearly defining the goals we are trying to achieve. Setting clear, specific goals gives our minds something to aim for. This allows us to put our focus on the most important things in life.

Motivational enhancement

It can be very motivating to have a clear vision about what you want. Visualizing ourselves reaching our goals and feeling the emotion associated with it can help us tap into positive thinking to feel more motivated to act towards them.

Self-confidence – Increase your self-confidence

Manifesting can increase self-confidence and help us feel in control of our lives. We feel empowered and more capable of creating the life we desire.

Align your actions with your intentions

The key to manifesting is to focus on your desired outcome. This will help you align your actions with your intentions. This makes it more likely that we will take action that is in line with our goals, and less likely that we will be distracted by obstacles or distractions.

Attract opportunities

If we are focused on our goals and set our intentions, we start to see possibilities and opportunities that we didn’t know existed. Because our minds are more open to opportunities, we are more likely take advantage of them.

1. Take a morning walk

You will see that walking is an integral part in manifesting. You can take a walk outside. Or if you have a walking pad or treadmill, you could walk inside if the weather isn’t good. I recommend doing this in the morning because it’s a great way to start the day with a positive mindset. When we wake up, we’re at our freshest and we haven’t had anything come up yet that might take us out of this high vibe frequency.

Sun exposure can be a great way to get energized before you start your day.

2. Take a walk for between 10 and 20 minutes

Walking has many benefits. Even if you walk for 10 minutes each day, there are many benefits that can be had to your physical and mental health.

I love a good “habit stack” which is basically just adding on a new habit with another habit we’re already doing. You can double your mental health by making certain walks you already do a regular part of your daily routine more intentional.

3. Listen to a manifesting playlist

This manifesting playlist, while not to brag too much, is absolutely amazing! A lot of what I’d already seen on Spotify wasn’t quite what I was looking for. This playlist is designed to help you feel great and attract the best out of your life.

4. Be strong in your mental health

Abraham Hicks states that you can transform your life by focusing on positive thoughts for 17 seconds. You can imagine how powerful it will make you feel to hold on to positive thoughts about what you desire for the entire walk. This playlist will help you stay positive.

Before we go, I want to clarify that manifesting is not a “quick fix” or a substitute for doing the work. It is still up to you to be present and to choose to do the work you are inspired by. It’s a tool that you can use to feel more in alignment with what you want to create.

It is possible to attract the life that you desire by focusing your attention on every day of your life.

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