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Sneak Peek into Master Bathroom

Sneak Peek into Master Bathroom

I know most of you probably read that title and thought, “Sneak peek?! I don’t want a sneak peek! You said you’d show us the whole finished bathroom this week!” Ugh. I know. 😩😩 I was certain that I could make it happen. I’ve tried twice now to get pictures of the finished bathroom, but each time I do, I notice something else that I forgot to do that hadn’t made it onto my final punch list. My plan was to get up this morning, put Cooper out in his yard for a while, then bring him in, clean the floor one last time (we’ve had a lot of rain, so every time he comes in lately, he leaves big muddy paw prints), and then wait for the perfect lighting (probably mid-morning or mid-day, because in the afternoon and evening, the light streams through the back door too much to get good pictures), and then spend the afternoon editing and getting my post ready to show y’all the whole before and after tomorrow. I did a couple of test shots, and that’s when I noticed that I had overlooked yet another thing. This outlet does not have a cover. This outlet does not have a cover. […]

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