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Mini Valentine Wreaths

Mini Valentine Wreaths

Decide on how many wooden hearts will be needed in your wreath. I made 2 wreaths: one with mostly wood hearts, and another with mostly red.

Paint the fronts of any wooden hearts you want. You can paint the wood hearts in any color you like.

After the paint is dry, arrange the bottom layer in the desired size and shape. Each wreath will contain two layers. In the bottom layer of our wreath, we have eleven hearts.

After the bottom layer has been placed, spread a little glue on the backside of another heart. Place it between two hearts of the bottom layer. Continue using the hearts from the top layer to adhere hearts on the bottom layers in place. Overlap them so they stay together.

You can make a wreath that looks like ours by adding a single unpainted heart as an accent to the top of your wreath. Make a wreath with plain wood hearts, and then add one painted heart.

Let all glue dry and set.

Attach a small piece of cord or ribbon on the back of the wreaths to allow them to be hung. To make your wreaths wearable, you can adhere a pinback.


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