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Kristy’s Early Retirement Spreadsheet

Kristy’s Early Retirement Spreadsheet

Another spreadsheet success Story!

I’ve been using your simplified early retirement spreadsheet now for the last 8 years. It’s still great, even after I made a few changes to reflect our estimated income and expenses. This is something I’ve shared with my friends as well!

Yes!! Brilliant! I love the last part. My friend often says, “never keep knowledge to yourself – share it!”

I asked Kristy if she’d be willing to share her tweaked spreadsheet for us to gander, and she not only obliged but also gave us some juicy background on along with it 🙂

  • You can find her spreadsheet here: Kristy’s Early Retirement Spreadsheet
  • You can compare it with my original spreadsheet: J$ FIRE Spreadsheet

SPOILER ALERT Her and her husband’s net worth is right around $1.5 Mil (nice!!) and looks like they’ll hit FIRE at 58 (they’re in their 40’s now).

Take it away Kristy


In 2000 I graduated from college and started working as an chemist earning $36,000 a year. My husband was a young boyfriend when I first met him. We’ve decided to move from the corporate world to the beach.

He worked in a liquor shop and I washed tables for several months. Then, I got a job as an apprentice real estate appraiser…

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