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How to use YNAB’s Focused Views

How to use YNAB’s Focused Views

Your budget is a beautiful thing—all of your passions and priorities lined up in front of you, prepared to do exactly what you tell them to do in support of the life you want to live. With a budget that is tailored to your preferences, you can decide the order of your categories. *Chef’s kiss.*

When you’re on a mission to find out things like, “How much did I spend—or overspend—on home goods this month?” or “How much have I saved toward summer vacation?” you don’t need or want to see every single category. Depending on what you’re doing in your budget, you may only wish to see a few.

Just call us Genie—your wish is our command! We’re excited to introduce you to YNAB’s new Views that are focused feature.

Focused Views

Focused views allow you to select a subset from your categories, depending on the information you (or partner!) want to learn. Learn, analyze or review.

You don’t open your budget for the same reason every time. Sometimes you’ve got work to do, like when you’re paid and those dollars need jobs, or when you’ve got a little overspending to deal with.

Sometimes you need to look at information in a new way to make a decision. Maybe you’re trying to dig…

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