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How To Start A Blog And Make Money Part 1

How To Start A Blog And Make Money Part 1

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So you’re ready to start a blog and make money…it should be easy, especially these days with all the promotions promising how easy it is!


Well…that depends.

There are a few bits of info you should know before jumping in.

And most importantly – these bits of info let you know how to start a blog without breaking the bank.

This is incredibly important for one main reason: You might not want to blog.

You might realize your blog idea won’t work, and you’d instead try another.

Why invest much money into the idea if it might not work as you envision?

The good news is that you can start a blog easily & quickly – and for little money.

The key is to know what you need for the blog, what costs money and what doesn’t need to yet, and how to avoid unnecessary costs.

So let’s get started!

How to start a blog and make money

First Things First – How To Start A Blog

To start a blog, you will need to purchase the following:

  • A domain name (paid yearly)
  • A hosting account (paid monthly orannualy)

That’s it. No other costs are necessary.

Ideally, you also know what you plan to blog about, have a general idea of the…

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