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How to stop procrastinating with ADHD

How to stop procrastinating with ADHD

ADHD is much more than a popular buzzword. It’s a real, brain-based condition that affects millions of kids and adults alike. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a significant 9.4% of kids have been diagnosed with ADHD.[1] The reality doesn’t stop at adolescence. According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), 4.4% of adult sufferers of ADHD.[2] Untreated, many of these diseases are left undiagnosed.

ADHD isn’t just about hyperactivity or impulsive behavior. It’s also about attention or, to be exact, the lack of it. This is related to a well-known ADHD companion: procrastination. The relationship between procrastination and ADHD isn’t officially outlined in diagnostic manuals. In 2014, however, a study showed that there was a link between inattention and ADHD, not impulsivity.[3]

The procrastination that is commonly seen as a trait of ADHD can actually be a way to adapt when facing a difficult task.

How can you beat procrastination if ADHD is involved? In this article, I’ll dig into ways to manage and even conquer procrastination despite having ADHD.

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