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How to save money on dairy products

How to save money on dairy products

Canada’s dairy products have seen an increase in prices over the last three years. This has a negative impact on every grocery budget.

Canadians feel the crunch regarding food insecurity, so I’ve been working hard to find grocery savings tips to pass on to my readers.

While at Food Basic buying our weekly groceries, we couldn’t help but notice that a bag of milk (3 bags) cost us $5.69.

Begin February 1, 2023The Canadian Dairy Commission has approved an increase in milk prices. 2.2% increase Or two cents per litre

The increase comes after the commission approved two price increases in 2022: A 2.5% increase (roughly two cents per gallon) in September and an 8.4% increase (or six cents per gallon) in February.

In total, the 12-month farm gate milk price rises amount to about 10 cents per gallon, or 13.1 percent.

City News Toronto

For three bags, milk prices in Ontario

We’ve seen a significant increase in grocery expenses over the last ten years, citing prices as a culprit and a changing lifestyle.

Only a few years ago, we’d get bagged milk at Shoppers Drug Mart for $3.99 if we were Optimum Club members.

Those days are gone, but we have discovered ways to save money…

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