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How to get a custom color using spray paint

How to get a custom color using spray paint

You may have ever mixed spray paint colors to create your own custom color. I’m not talking about literally adding the different colors into one can and mixing them together like you might do with latex paint (although that is possible). What I’m talking about is more like layering different colors to get a custom color. That’s what I ended up having to do with the drain pipes for our bathroom sinks, and while the color isn’t totally exact, it’s pretty darn close! Three different spray paint colors were needed for this process. The original drain pipe (ptrap) was made of bright, shiny brass. It was very yellow. And the color of my Delta faucets is Champagne Bronze. It has a darker, more aged appearance than the brass ptrap. You can see a little bit of red in it. You can see them both here… As a few of you pointed out, Delta does sell p-traps in the Champagne Bronze finish. But they’re $200 each, and I need two. I bought these brass ptraps on Amazon. I was certain that I could make them the correct color and that the base color would be acceptable. […]

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