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How to Get Credit Cards in YNAB

How to Get Credit Cards in YNAB

Like your friend Brittany, credit cards in YNAB can be a little…extra. Credit cards in YNAB don’t have a positive balance that feeds the budget like checking and savings accounts. You will often have a negative balance that needs to be paid.

You prefer to watch rather than read? You can watch this video about setting up credit cards with YNAB.

Let’s say you have a -$2,400 balance on a Visa card. You might not be in a position to pay the balance off immediately, but you know that you can make $300 monthly payments to help chip away at it.

When you set this up in your YNAB budget, you’ll see a new account listed with a negative balance of -$2,400 showing up in red text. Plus, you’ll also get a Credit Card Payment category added to your budget itself with a monthly target amount of $300. Check out the video to see how it looks.

How to add a credit line in YNAB, and how to pay it off over time.

Check out these budgeters’ credit card setups in their YNAB budgets.

What happens if I buy things with my credit card?

Spending money on a creditcard can lead to a bit of debt. Did you buy that gum? Well, sort of, but you haven’t actually spent any of your money. The credit card purchased…

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