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How to Select a Budgeting Strategy

How to Select a Budgeting Strategy

After years of living in Los Angeles—land of opportunity and sticker shock—my budgeting strategy of hiding from my bank account wasn’t working. I placed my love of travel and shopping above my financial goals. The decade was full of impulse purchases. 

Why would you need a savings account with so many places to visit waiting for you?

I knew I had debts to pay and expenses that wouldn’t go away, and I knew they were obstacles getting in the way of the life I wanted to live. I was under a lot of stress about money, and I felt anxious that my salary wasn’t enough. My spending habits were the problem—I just didn’t know how to overcome them and start funding the future I envisioned for myself. 

Wasting time and money was my mistake. 

What ever your aha moments are, there will always be one (maybe that moment led you here!)You can use this motivation to develop a budgeting strategy that is right for you. It doesn’t matter how rich you are, you can still gain control of your finances by following a tried-and true method.

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