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How to Purchase What You Want

How to Purchase What You Want

“Good things come to those who wait.” Ugh. Yeah. This is what no one wants. So cliché. So irritating. It’s also boring because waiting is boring.True. 

We all know what we should spend when it comes down to spending. Should Do, but not what we Should do seems like no fun at all. We want stuff and we want it right now. It’s easy to convince ourselves that we’ll figure it all out later, or, with a dash of defeat and a dose of self-discipline, decide we just can’t have the stuff we want. 

What if we could change our outlook and embrace the achievement of perseverance? What if anticipation and excitement had some overlap? I know—it still doesn’t make waiting fun. But regret isn’t fun either. Guilt isn’t a fun time. The rush of impulse buying is often followed by guilt. Credit card payments or Buy Now Pay Later are two examples of this. 

At this point, you may be saying, “Okay, yes, but I still want to buy what I want.” I hear you, my friend, I want stuff too. There is so much stuff. Planting a Wish Farm is the best method to achieve it. 

What’s a Wish Farm? 

The YNAB budgeting tool, the Wish Farm, allows you to make fun of your spending habits and get the best deals.

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