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Budgeting for Periodic Expenses

Budgeting for Periodic Expenses

When you’re filled with the optimism of a shiny new plan—the thing that’s surely going to help you get your life together once and for all—budgeting seems like a fairly easy endeavor. 

You can buy a new planner or notebook, some Post-it note, maybe some stickers and other office supplies. Next, write down the monthly expenses you have: rent, mortgage or cell phone payment, electric bill or car payment, groceries etc. You make sure it’s less than your monthly income and voilà! You’re budgeting. 

And then your Amazon Prime subscription renews—okay, dang, forgot that was this month. 

And then your car needs new brakes—bad timing, but not exactly something you can put off. 

And then the holidays roll around again—geez, that snuck right up, feels like we just did all of that last year. 

And then it feels like maybe you should just wait for a “normal” month to get fully on board with budgeting. Life’s just too chaotic right now. 

Take a deep breath and repeat after me: there’s no such thing as a normal month. It hurts. It’s not right and it’s not fair….

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