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7 Powerful Habits to Brighten Your Day (and Your Morning)

7 Powerful Habits to Brighten Your Day (and Your Morning)

“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.”
Marcus Aurelius

The alarm sounds. Slowly, you open your eyes.

There is a new day ahead of you.

It is a day full of potential and untapped opportunities. What can you do to make it a more positive and productive day?

Today I’d like to simply share 7 habits that I have used to make my mornings and whole days better.

1. A reminder can be placed on your bedside table.

How do you begin your first moments and minutes of the morning?

A note or reminder placed on your bedside table can help you get started.

Here are some ideas for things to put on your note.

Low standards for happiness.

Write down: “Today I will set a low bar for happiness”. It is important to read it every day.

This helps me appreciate the world more.

My work, food, weather, people, and small events are all things I am grateful for. What may seem small or something you take for granted, I often take a moment to appreciate.

Your top 3 priorities in life right now.

It is vital to remember what is most important every day in order to keep your attention focused.

What is the most important thing for you in this year’s? What is your most important project at work? Your family? Your social life. Your blog, photography, soccer or debt?

This is how you can reduce the importance of your life to the 3 most important priorities.

2. Give one genuine compliment

One genuine compliment can lift the spirits of your partner, family member, friend, or coworker, and make their day a lot brighter.

You can find something you appreciate in a person. Tell him/her.

If you can, make it something that may be a bit unexpected and something that person hasn’t heard a hundred times before.

A compliment about his music taste or ability to work with animals might be more powerful than a compliment on looks.

3. Breakfast should be a time for positive information.

Instead of focusing on the news and reading the papers, which can lead to a depressing start for your day, find something that will encourage you.

  • You can find a few new posts on positive, humorous and uplifting websites or blogs.
  • You can read a chapter or a few quotes from a book that inspires.
  • You can also have a warm and fun conversation with those around you at the kitchen table.

4. Your most important task for the day should be your first order of business.

You will find that the rest of the day is easier and more enjoyable if you do this. As you tackle other tasks, you will feel more confident and self-assured.

It doesn’t matter if it is difficult to get started on the most important task. Just make a deal that you will work on it for three minutes. After that, you can stop if needed.

Once you get started, you might not want to stop. For me, this seems to be the most common case.

It is usually the most difficult part. You can make this part easy.

5. Slow down.

It is easier to focus and keep my stress down if I slow down. I also find that I do a better job the first time.

I have more clarity in my work and am less distracted by the hustle and bustle of work.

It may feel like I’m not getting enough done but at the end of the day I usually get more quality work done than if I tried to maintain a high speed throughout the day.

Because I am less stressed, my mind stays sharp and focused even during the final hours of work.

Take it slow. It will be interesting to see how it works out for you.

6. Do it.

It is often mentioned, and with good reason. It offers many positive benefits.

I workout several times a week and by doing so I boost my energy, inner doubts and tensions lessen, I feel more decisive and my mind becomes more optimistic.

This makes the rest of your day much easier.

Doing some form of exercise in the early morning is something I recommend. If you can’t go to a gym or work out from home early in the day then maybe you can walk or bicycle to work or school.

7. Do the right things in a small or big way.

This one increases self-esteem. It brings a smile to my face and makes me feel happy.

You must do what you truly believe to be right.

Here are some examples that might resonate with you.

  • Do something random and kind. Offer to open the door or point the way to someone who is lost.
  • Help someone else by giving your time or listening.
  • Get started by taking on the most difficult challenge of your life.

You can start with a single step. Begin to build a positive spiral and good vibes within. Take further steps.

Focus on what you want, and what is right for you.


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