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How to Be “That Girl” on a Budget

How to Be “That Girl” on a Budget

One thing I have noticed about the 2022/“post-pandemic” world is that personal development and self-care are really trendy now. I’m not too surprised though, as I think the past couple of years have taught us to appreciate each moment and realize that the whole world can change at any time. 

A subtopic in the personal development/personal growth space, is the “Hot Girl” (or any gender) mindset, or the social media trend that showcases envisioning you as your best self and showing up as that version of yourself everyday.

Even Beyoncé got in on the action, by starting her “Renaissance” album with a song called “I’m That Girl”. I mean, if Beyoncé sings about it, we need to pay attention haha! But as a City Girl saver, I want to share with you some ways you can be “That Girl”, just not at Beyoncé-net worth level…yet! 

Cook at Home: More

Yes, this tip is obvious. Ordering take-out or eating out can seriously impact our waistlines and wallets. There is nothing wrong with eating out and/or ordering takeout in the society we live in (if you cook everyday, you’re incredible), but it’s also important to be mindful just how much we spend on eating out, especially if we do…

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