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How to Apply for CPP Disability Benefits

How to Apply for CPP Disability Benefits

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While waiting for Mrs. CBB’s medical appointment, a flyer about applying for CPP Disability Benefits.

We’ve already applied for the Disability Tax Credit You can also find out more about the following: Registered Disability Savings Plan, but there’s more.

I wanted to learn more about CPP Disability Benefits, since she has been deemed disabled.

Today, I will share what I’ve learned and why it’s essential to research all available disability resources in Canada.

How to apply for CPP Disability Benefits?

Canadian Pension Plan

What is Canada Pension Plan?

The Canada Pension Plan (CPP) is for employees and self-employed people.

Every worker contributes to a pension plan which will provide them with a pension once they reach retirement age.

In the event that a worker or self-employed individual becomes disabled, they will be entitled to disability benefits in case they are unable work.

The CPP also provides benefits to the spouses and children of deceased CPP participants.

You may also be entitled to receive a portion of the pension contributions of your ex-spouse or former common-law partner if you’re divorced or separated.

The Taxes on CPP Disability…

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