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Home Gym Status & Closet Wall Decision

Home Gym Status & Closet Wall Decision

I heading towards the finish line on our home gym, although if you were to see the room today (which I’m about to show you), you would never think this room is near completion. Let’s just say that over the last three days or so, the room looks like a tornado went through it. I still haven’t installed the Swedish ladder, so it’s taking up a whole lot of floor space. Then I had the task of buying trim and bringing it in. There’s remnants from the closet flooring project, and the dresser makeover project. It’s a mess, but I’ll get it cleaned up today. Matt will need to use the bathroom tomorrow morning and our home gym is the only way to do that. I had ordered four frames from Michael’s to go with the two that I purchased in the store so that I could hang six prints on the long wall to the right just inside the door. Four frames arrived and they were all broken or damaged. The glass was broken on two of them, the frames were broken on three, and the fourth frame didn’t have corner […]

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