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Grandma’s Easy Gumdrop Cookies

Grandma’s Easy Gumdrop Cookies

Mrs. CBB’s grandma’s easy gumdrop cookies These jubes are ideal for the Christmas season because they’re thick and moist.

Today, I’ll share how to make the best cookies and the difference between baking gums and jujubes.

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Made with Jujubes, Grandmas Gumdrop Cookies

Gumdrop Cookies Just Like Grandma Used to Make

If you’ve been looking for a recipe for gumdrop cookies, this is the only one you’ll need.

Mrs. CBB and I spent about an hour scouring through her grandmother’s recipe books, looking for this recipe.

It was incredible to see the handwritten recipe clipped and taped in a book using lined paper.

We discovered that there are many recipes that go back to decades ago.

Mrs. CBB enjoyed baking and visiting grandma after a long 8 hour journey up north.

Because Christmas is when her grandparents visited, many kinds of Christmas cookies were made by her grandma.

When we were reminiscing, Mrs. CBB shared with me that her grandparents both had sweet tooths and her grandfather would often sneak cookies into her home.

If you opened her grandma’s chest…

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