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Get the Help You Need for Success + Save Big

Get the Help You Need for Success + Save Big

Hello friend! Since we’re now at the halfway point of Tiny Buddha’s Best You, Best Life Bundle sale, I’m emailing with a little more information about both my new self-care course and the bundle as a whole.

I’ll start by telling you about my own journey.

In my four decades (plus!) on this crazy ride called life, I’ve experienced four distinct chapters: a decade of harmful early programming, a second decade of escalating self-destruction, a decade of substantial healing, and a decade of (near) thriving.

I used to attribute my personal growth and healing, as well as my self-help therapy, to therapy. But I now realize that it wouldn’t have been possible without a high level of self-care. And by that I don’t just mean yoga and baths and walks on the beach—though I love all those things.

I’m also talking about recognizing and addressing all the factors that contributed to my low self-worth and uncovering my limiting beliefs around self-care so I could overcome them.

We care for people we respect. It was a big revelation for me. True self-care can only be achieved if we are able to overcome the barriers that prevent us from valuing ourselves, and then follow through with actions.

Until we get past all those internal blocks, we’ll have a hard time prioritizing ourselves, and we’ll be far more likely to neglect, abandon, and betray ourselves in all our areas of our lives.

We’ll settle for jobs that drain us, relationships that hurt us, and other life circumstances that don’t serve us.

My new eCourse Breaking Barriers to Self Care is about identifying and overcoming blocks to meeting your deepest needs.

If you feel drained, depleted, burnt out, overwhelmed, or underwhelmed with the life you’ve settled for, this course is for you.

I’m not usually big on making videos of myself because it’s outside my comfort zone, but I made a short one discussing the bundle and my course, which you can find here if you’re interested!

The next offer is the bundle:

This is a time-limited sale—for 10 days only, 5 left as of tomorrow—offering 13 life-changing online tools for the price of one. This bundle is worth over $2,500 in value, but it’s only $97. That’s 96% off.

The bundle’s offerings include eCourses to help you:

  • Discover your life’s purpose and overcome the obstacles standing between you and your biggest goals.
  • Reduce anxiety, and you will feel less overwhelmed if you are a highly-sensitive person.
  • Let go of hurts in the past to forgive and move forward.
  • Learn how to improve your sleep by calming your mind and changing your daily habits.
  • Strengthen your intuitive abilities to help you make the best decisions possible.
  • Grow your own organic vegetables using an aquaponics system.
  • There’s more!

Last but not least, we have the results.

Though I haven’t received any feedback on my course yet, since it’s newly launched with this bundle, as you’ll see when you click through here, all of the programs in the bundle have glowing testimonials.

Adam Sicinski’s Doodling: Total Life Transformation was praised by a course member as follows:

“I’ve tried so many self-development programs that cost thousands of dollars, but none of them gave me that complete change in all areas of my life like this one. This course literally gave me the knowledge and confidence to go get what I want most.”

Here’s what one grateful participant had to say about Julie Bjelland’s Brain Training for HSPs:

“Prior to taking this class I was very anxious, stressed, and unhappy with myself. I felt differently from others (friends family, colleagues, etc.). I took it out on other people and myself. Eight weeks later, I’m calmer, more relaxed and completely comfortable with my differences. I accept my sensitivity and care for myself in order to maintain balance. When I stumble, my toolbox helps me get back on the right track. This class is truly worth it and, most importantly, you’re worth it!”

And here’s what one course member had to say about Diana Bird’s workshop series How to Transform Your Relationship (Even If Your Partner Has Zero Interest):

“I wish I’d learnt this decades ago. I get now why I’ve had so many problems in my relationships. Learning about how emotions actually work has been life-changing for me and all of my relationships – including with my parents who I used to be estranged from. Thank you.”

Are you interested in learning more about this? Click here to read about all 13 life-changing tools in Tiny Buddha’s Best You, Best Life Bundle sale.  Offer valid until Friday, January 12.The thThe price of each program will then return to the usual $399 (with the highest being charged).

Also, I’m running some pretty exciting giveaways on Instagram throughout the sale, offering four Tiny Buddha books and a 2024 Day-to-Day Calendar to one winner who comments on each post. If you’re interested in entering, you can comment here, here, and here!

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