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Exclusive: Petey Gibson Talks About Queer Role on Fox’s New Show Alert


Regular Petey Gibson gives his thoughts ahead of Fox’s premiere of its newest procedural series The Advocate Channel Here’s the scoop on how to watch the most thrilling missing persons shows. Alert.

He is well-known for his parts in Broad City And Grace and FrankieGibson didn’t expect to be cast in the role as his comedy experience was primarily in comedy. Gibson is proud to be a transgender gay man and has been cast in a recurring part on a procedural.

Gibson tells Tracy E. Gilchrist that “I’m overjoyed about it.” Advocate Today.

Alert is a procedural drama about the Philadelphia Police Department’s Missing Person’s Unit (MPU). Gibson portrays C, the supervisor for the MPU’s Forensic Imaging Unit. He is part forensic artist, part anthropologist.

Gibson explained that Gibson is the man in the lab. This is a role Gibson loves. Gibson says, “To be the one that gets a little bit weirder, a lot more artistic. Although this is not comedy, there is some humor. It’s exciting to have some levity, but also to feel like a full-formed person.

Advocate Today| Advocate Today

Gibson said that Gibson has approached the role “as an artist helping to find missing people” rather than as a cop.

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