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Rainbow Railroad CEO: How to Escape the Persecution of LGBTQ+ People Abroad and at Home


Rainbow Railroad has been a vital resource for LGBTQ+ fleeing persecution overseas. In the midst of anti-queer legislation throughout the United States, Rainbow Railroad is shifting its focus to its home front.

Rainbow Railroad is known for their efforts to relocate LGBTQ+ people from unfavorable locations worldwide. Tracy E. Gilchrist was recently informed by Kamahli Powell, CEO. Advocate Today What resources they have for queer people in the United States, such as their recent literacy festival which featured LGBTQ+ authors and stories.

Helping LGBTQ+ People Escape Oppression And Persecution | Advocate Today

Powell said that “we’ve been in a position to help hundreds more people now.” “Rainbow Road helped 400 people move from all over the globe last year in 2022, and provided support for nearly 2000 more.”

Recent waves of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation has left communities in all 50 states concerned about the future of civil rights. Powell says that US citizens have been forced to relocate abroad by bans on visibility or queer healthcare.

He explains that one remarkable fact is the United States, Rainbow Railroad’s home, received among the top ten requests for assistance in 2022. “There are tons of U.S citizens living in the United States.

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