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Simple DIY Heart Shirt

Simple DIY Heart Shirt

Simple DIY Heart Shirt

Forget the candy this Valentine’s Day! For the people you love, make a cute and easy DIY heart shirt! Perfect for Valentine’s Day at school or really, to wear year round. I think hearts look amazing at any time of the year. 🙂

I’m thinking you could also use the same template on a tote bag or pillow case. These would be equally adorable. That’s the nice thing about crafting though, you get to put it on any little thing that makes you happy.  Now, read along, I’m off to make my Own Heart shirt 😉

Here’s how to make a DIY Heart Shirt:


  • Choose a white shirt
  • Tilip fabric markers (pink/light pink, red)
  • Heart Stencil printable
  • Scissors
  • A piece of paper/couple sheets (or cardboard)


1. Print out your heart stencil “Here“.
2. Place a piece of cardboard, or a few sheets, under your design, on your shirt.
3. Place the printed file on your shirt front.
4. Make sure you remove all caps from your markers before you use them.
5. With one hand hold the heart and your marker in the second, place it on the shirt.

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