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DIY Wainscoting Part 3 — Adding A Tile Accent


I’m still plugging away at the master bathroom, and the wainscoting on the home gym side of the room is almost finished! I finally started the final step yesterday — adding the glass penny tile accent strip into the top of the wainscoting. If you missed the previous two posts on this judge’s paneling wainscoting project, you can find them here: DIY Wainscoting Part 1 — The Anatomy Of Judge’s Paneling With Tile Accent (Bathroom Walls) DIY Wainscoting Part 2 — Installing Wainscoting Around A Vanity Here’s how the wainscoting looked before adding the glass penny tile. I wood filled, sanded, caulked, primed, and painted all of the wood parts… And then I added Musselbound tile adhesive backing to the area where the tile was going to be installed… When I had all of that area covered with the Musselbound adhesive backing, I peeled off the protective paper from the front, and then pressed the tile onto the backing. This stuff is VERY sticky, and it’s not easy to adjust the tiles once they’re stuck on. I wouldn’t say it’s an “only one chance” kind of thing, because you can get the tiles off if you need to readjust (at […]

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