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Daniella Monet Talks Holistic Health & Kinder Beauty

Daniella Monet Talks Holistic Health & Kinder Beauty

She is best known for her role of “Trina Vea” in the Nickelodeon smash hit Victorious, Daniella Monet has made a name for her as co-founder and CEO of Kinder Beauty, a nontoxic, vegan cosmetics line.

Monet explains that it was during her early career when she and her family were facing health issues, she began to think about wellness.

She tells Sonia Baghdady, “It was at that time I began to realize how important it is to take your well-being in your own hands.” Advocate Now. “For me, it was like taking a backward step. … I realized that if only I had paid more attention and adopted better coping techniques, I would have been able to endure more.”

Daniella Monet | Advocate Now 

Monet’s experience of wearing makeup on set for long hours prompted her to question the products being used and what was going on or in her body. She has always been a fan of “simple, natural ingredients” and says that her brand only uses cruelty-free products. These are known to be safe without the need for animal testing.

“I do see a place where there is a need to make clean, vegan, cruelty free beauty more accessible,” Monet…

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