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City Girl Savings Goals in 2023

City Girl Savings Goals in 2023

I can’t quite believe it, but another year has come and gone! As you probably know, I love to share the City Girl Savings goals in the next year. I’ve written this article every year for the past 6+ years, and whether the company hits the goals or not, progress is always made!

Continue reading to find out about City Girl Savings’ primary focus for 2023. This article describes what we are doing for the new year. Also, check out how far we’ve come by reading our goals from 2022 (and past years too!)

City Girl Savings Goals in 2023

Goal #1: Last year we were getting ready launch City Girl Savings podcast. So our podcast download goal wasn’t revealed! Our goal is to get 50,000 podcast episodes downloaded in the next year.

Goal #2: To have 7,500 Facebook Group members.

Goal #3: To complete 250 consultations.

Goal #4: We aim to have 10,000 newsletter subscribers.

Goal #5: We aim to create organizational systems that will allow the CGS team to succeed.

Goal #6: We aim to reach 250,000 page views.

Goal #7 – Our goal is to have an average of 1% engagement on Instagram and to grow TikTok up to 2500 subscribers.

Goal #8: We aim to increase our revenue by…

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