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Chicken Orzo Soup with White Beans

Chicken Orzo Soup with White Beans

Today, I’ll share how I make this delicious Soup with Italian white bean chicken orzoIt is also known as pastini in Italy.

A hearty combination of healthy vegetables and white beans in a chicken broth with orzo pasta. It’s simple Italian comfort food in one bowl.

The soup has no chicken meat as it’s a peasant soup made with stock and ready in under 30 minutes.

Reading time estimates: 3 Minutes

Soup of Italian White Bean Chicken Orzo
De Cecco Orzo no 74 pasta
De Cecco Orzo no 74 pasta

What is Orzo?

Is orzo rice or pasta?

Orzo is a pasta that looks like rice but is short-cut and slow-dried. It is made with semolina flour, which is durum wheat.

The blue box is our favorite brand of orzo. De Cecco no.74However, there are many local brands. Canadian grocery stores.

The Italian family tradition of chicken orzo soup is well-known and widely used in many dishes all over the globe.

Cooking Orzo Pasta

Avoid mushy orzo pasta. Do not overcook it.

For example, I heated the broth with spices ,…

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