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Budget Tips for the New Years

Budget Tips for the New Years

The Process of budget preparation Start at least one month in advance of the new year.

I’ve always been passionate about budgeting and treat it like a job to keep myself accountable.

Our family set aside time at the beginning December for Mrs. CBB (me) and me to begin our budget preparation process.

Although each person uses different means to budget, the project is similar. This is why I recommend it to everyone.

To welcome the new year, I would like to take a look at our budgeting preparation.

Budget Tips for the New Years

Setting Financial Goals

For those who are not budget nerds, I understand that discussing money goals can seem daunting.

How has our financial goals helped us?

What’s more, without financial goals, you wouldn’t have achieved what you want?

  • However, we would still need to make a mortgage payment.
  • I wouldn’t have been able to pay cash for my truck.
  • We would have insufficient funds for our emergency savings account.
  • We would have an open room for investment, rather than wasting time waiting to get cash.
  • Stress-free debt-freedom

If becoming debt-free and building your retirement savings are goals, don’t let them become just a dream.

Achieving your goal is possible by dreaming…

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